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    Chongqing Yili Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd was established in the year of 2019, in Nan’an District of Chongqing City, with Drug Manufacturing License (Class B) granted and authorized as Holder of Drug’s Marketing Authorizations(MAH) in China. Chongqing Yili has been focusing on the research and development of chemical and biological finished formulation products, and is also actively expanding into the field of sales and distribution, with the alliance with Beijing Yili Pharma Solutions Limited and Chongqing Ark Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. It has rapidly evolved into a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates pharmaceutical R&D, production, and distribution.

    After several years of business exploration, in the core field of pharmaceutical industry, we have established a strong R&D base for both innovative drugs and high-barrier generic drugs through independent development, licensing-in and co-development. Up to now, we have successfully registered 5 MAs in China, including one NDA of China(Class I New Drug), one first and sole generic drug. There are 8 more MA applications being reviewed by China CDE, 6 in R&D stage, more in pipeline. We own 2 patents. Apart from our own products, we are also distributing 11 products for our partners.
    Our R&D sets the aim to work on the products with high technical barriers, for dosage forms such as ER/CR OSDs, injectables, steroids and hormones, to cover the therapeutic departments of oncology, anesthesia, cardiovascular, neurology, gynecology, pediatrics, and etc. In line with our sales and marketing strategy, we wil further extend and accumulate more specialty advantage over the cardiovascular, endocrine and pediatric formulations, and build a more competitive and comprehensive portfolio.
    The company boasts a formidable sales team of about 100 salespersons who are responsible for a wide range of services including tendering, sales, logistics and after-sales support throughout various regions of the country. The sales network is now covering 90 percent of the national administrative regions with  nearly 600 cities in 31 provinces and autonomous regions. Since its establishment in 2019, the company has maintained a strong momentum of constantly increasing annual sales revenue. With the professional team and profound knowledge about the market and regulations, all the products can be launched and penetrated to the target hospitals quickly. Though China is still under the Covid 19 restrictions in 2022, we have actively adjusted to the new national centralized procurement policy in China and our 2022 turnover exceeded CNY1 billion, still maintained a growth rate of 20% over the last year.
    To introduce and promote our own NDA and first/sole generic drug, we have built a strong academic promotion capacity. We have established our own pool of experts and led an effective interaction with major academic leaders in the concerned fields for every provinces. The combination of a professional academic promotion and efficient sales make our products accessible and our service recognizable to the tens of thousands of hospitals and clients throughout the country. We will continue to strive to build a professional, rigorous and popular image in the industry.

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